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Poilâne Punitions® - Ten Ways to Prepare Them

"Punition" is French for "punishment," but, at the Poilâne Bakery, Punitions® are small butter cookies that pay homage to Pierre Poilâne’s grandmother who would playfully call over her grandchildren to come and get their punishments and instead, would reveal a handful of butter cookies.

Poilâne is proud to share 10 recipes using their Punitions®, but feel free to substitute your own butter cookies.

Bound in a traditional French fashion and printed on a single folded sheet; some pages have a joined edge that must be cut open, we leave this tactile pleasure to you.

Included Recipes 


Ice Cream Sandwich


Lemon-Raspberry Tartelette

Glazed Biscuits


Crispy Baked Apples

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Glazed Jam Cookies

Chocolate Fridge Cake

The people behind the book

Author: Apollonia Poilâne


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